Create FPX Collection

  1. Login at the link:
  2. Enter your username, email and password

3. After login, the merchant dashboard appears as below. It will display total collection, total bill, total bill open and amount bill paid.

4. Click the FPX Payment tab, and select My Collection List

The list of FPX Collection for your merchant will displayed

5. To create a new collection, click new collection.

6. Enter the name of the collection and type of collection.
7. Click Create Collection.

Collection Detail
7. After create new collection, it will display this collection detail page.
Complete and fill the collection detail.

8. After completed the collection detail, click the save collection and it will display the pop up message that you successfully updated.
You also can update the detail.

Content Page
1. Insert and upload your product or poster into your content page
2. Click Save the content
3. Click the view collection and it will display the collection page

Collection Bill

Display the collection bill which is customer make the payment from this collection page

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